Documents Required
Application for Schengen Visa - to be completed, signed and dated
The passport should be valid for three months after departure from the territory of the Schengen countries, must not be older than 10 years and have 2 blank visa pages. Residents of the United Kingdom who are returning to the UK after a visit to Sweden are required to hold a residence/work permit enabling them to return to the UK exceeding that of the visa by three months. Your UK permit must be endorsed in your passport (Not applicable if holding a biometric residence permit card).
Two (2) recent passport photographs with a light background.
Proof of purpose of the visit:
an original letter of invitation
the sponsor's proof of identity (an extract from the Swedish population registration, which can be obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency, or copy of passport.
evidence of accommodation
Confirmed flight/travel tickets
An original written invitation in Swedish or English. The invitation should contain information about dates and duration of the visit. Referee's Appendix - Appendix E
Evidence of occupation/student status:
If you are employed, bring proof of your current occupation in the UK, i.e. an original letter from your employer, a solicitor or the Company House
If you are unemployed, bring your social benefit booklet.
If you are a student in the UK, bring an original letter from your school or university confirming your status/attendance and also a recent bank statement
Evidence that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay, i.e. original recent bank statement, traveller's cheques (minimum sum SEK 370, approx GBP 30.00 per day)
A valid personal travel medical insurance covering
30,000 Euro
emergency treatment by a doctor
urgent ambulance transportation
transportation back to the applicant's home country if required for medical reasons
(EU-family members do not need to show insurance but we recommend you to bring the European Health Insurance Card). Travel insurance is available here and also at the visa application centre in London
Children under 18 must have their birth certificate with them.
Children travelling alone or with one parent must have letter of consent and proof of ID of both parents or the none travelling parent. In the absence of consent letter only sole custody and residence orders from the courts will be accepted.
Please bring photocopies of both your passport (photo page and UK-permit page) and of those original documents that you wish to keep (i.e. marriage certificate, bank statement). Remember that the Embassy does not return any documents.